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The Brittany Spaniel Club of Victoria was formed in 1979, and over the years the breed has brought together many people who have quite different interests with this breed we love. The Breton/Brittany has excelled in all disciplines, this versatile breed has proved beyond doubt that they are very competitive whether it be in the field or in the show and obedience rings. Over the years producing field and retrieving trial champions, dual champions, best in shows at all breed shows. The club runs retrieving and field trials for club members and their friends and training days, also holds a championship show in November of each year, it is a great day out for all and everyone is welcome, whether itís just to catch up with old friends, or to make new ones or just to see all the dogs shown, itís a super day out for all. Itís important for the future of the breed that these working and show traits are continually challenged so the best pups are produce for all people to enjoy including the people who just want a well bred dog and nothing else.

The club underwent a name change some years ago to what it is today, the L'Epagneul Breton Club, to reflect the country of origin, France. The aim of the club is to support people who own or are thinking of owning this breed of dog and to encourage breeding that confirms to the standard and promote the several qualities of the breed. The office bearers and committee of the club are always willing and available to help and give information to members with any aspect of support in regards to the breed. We wish to look after and promote the Epagneul Breton/Breton breed by maintaining our breeds unique qualities and characteristics, and we also want to preserve the Breton's/Brittany's unique conformation and working standards, and of course conform to the FCI standard.

The club welcomes all owners and prospective owners of this most versatile and enjoyable breed of dog. If however, after reading the information on the site, there is a question which remains unanswered, please feel free to contact any of the committee members.

We support ethical and responsible breeding practices among breeders of the Epagneul Breton / Brittany through a voluntary code of ethics.


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