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In The Field 

Club L'Epagnuel Breton    
               Retrieving Trial dog of the year                       
                            Brittniki Gunsmoke Gus (QND)                                   
          Congratulations to Luc Tomasino and Gus         
                             on winning the retrieving dog club award for 2013                     
                      Well done  to both of you.       

 Field Titles gained in 2012
Bella and Zac

FTCH Brittana Austuto Conigio (RRD)
Owned by Micheal Calleja

Tobenlee Zachary Ballou  (NFD)
Owned by M Casadio (WA)

 Aus Ch Wauchope Kicking Bird ET.RRD
Owned and trained by Ms Eli Johnson (WA)

Aus Ch Wauchope Indiana Jones ADX.JDX. NF
Owned and trained by Ms Eli Johnson (WA)

Aus Ch Dunfrui Bonny Doon
Owned ,trained and loved by Elaine and Casey Jones
Monbeau Kennels
Bonny's field work caught the eye of a Winchester representative
Poster girl 1996
Photo taken by Brian Mark

NZ CH. NZ Field Trial Ch Leaningrock Lanark Spice QC
 Tom Granddaughter
Sire Aubenouveau Eclair (imp aus)
  Dam  Awarua Misty Sweethhart 
Owned and trained by Barry and Chrissie Hill   (Holmbrook Kennels NZ)

Dual ChampionTobenlee Misty O Dee (NRD)
Australia's second dual champion 
owned and trained by Fiona and Laurie Elkner

Dual Champion Tobenlee Super Tramp
Australia's first Dual Champion 
Owned and trained by Fiona and Laurie Elkner


Ailetireur Appeau (NRD)
Owned and trained by Barry Norton

Rabritt Yablett (NRD.NFD)
Owned and trained by Michael Calleja

NATIONAL.F.T.CH. Ailetireur Noir Canard
photo left
Tom and Loracann Dapper Dan
photo right
Tom with duck
Thank you Ray Waldren for the photo's

F.T.CH Dunfrui Miss Muffet
 left    Ian Ramsdell and Muffet
right  above Dunfrui Freeman
                          below   Muffet                               
Owned and trained by Ian Ramsdell
Thank you Elaine and Casey Jones 
for sharing the items from your scrapbook


F.T.CH Dunfrui Land Trooper
Jack Thomson with Nicholas, Mr Binks with Land Trooper, Mr Lindsay with Marcus

As well as the dogs featured here, the following dogs have all obtained various field/ retrieving titles.
FT Ch Ailetireur Adroit                                                                                                       Brittwood Zac NRD NFD
Ailetireur Appeau NRD                                                                                                       Ourbritt Little Beggar NRD
Ailetireur Fern NRD                                                                                                            Ozbritt Seeker NRD
FT Ch Ailetireur Minnie De Combe NRD                                                                            Rabritt Yablett NRD NFD
We are always seeking updated information on the achievements of our Brittanys, if you can help with photos, information or pedigrees, we would love to hear from you!


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